Steady Connections | What is VoIP?
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What is VoIP?

So what exactly is VoIP?

Well, first things first, VoIP is an acronym used to signify Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Which is just a dressed up way of speaking about making phone calls utilizing the internet as opposed to traditional landline services.

And though VoIP, as we know it to be now, has been around since the mid nineties, it’s only recently gained popularity as a valid alternative, and in many cases the preferred method, to traditional business communication solutions.


The reason being, well, VoIP services when compared to traditional models excel in numerous areas, one being cost.

As you know as a business owner, any opportunity to find a service for a cheaper price while not having to sacrifice quality, simply makes sense.


Which brings us to popularity of VoIP as part of a complete enterprise communication solution.

When combined with the full range of features available within VoIP communication solutions, the service takes on a form much more powerful than simply making and receiving phone calls via broadband.


And when taking into account the possibilities opened by utilizing a service not limited to single device type, VoIP becomes the perfect tool for managing the way companies interact with the world around them.


As technicians within the space and unabashed tech fanatics, we might be a bit biased when we say VoIP fundamentally revolutionized the way we engage with others but we’re going to say it anyways.


For us, it checks all the boxes.



Cost effective.

Highly adaptable.

Fully integratable.

And pretty cool if you ask us.