Steady Connections | Switching to VoIP as a Small Business Owner
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Switching to VoIP as a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, your days often are filled with decisions, some small and some not so small, needing your final approval to move forward towards another successful day.

And while we can’t help you out with most of those choices, there is one thing we can help you out with, making the decision to switch from an analog phone system to a much more adaptive VoIP for enterprise system.

And yes, you could say we are bit biased towards the outdated model of analog, unless it involves synths, but we still know a good thing when we see it.

Before we get into the reasons why though, if you’re a bit unfamiliar with VoIP as a whole, take a moment to head over to our breakdown of VoIP and what it means for today’s businesses.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

But if you’re already a versed expert, or at least know that Voice over Internet Protocol simply means making phone calls over the net, let’s jump into exploring some reasons you should make the switch to a more business forward solution in connecting with the world around you.

Saving Money…

Let’s be honest, you didn’t go through the trouble of creating a business simply to lose money and if you did, you’re definitely reading the wrong article.

That said, practically speaking, saving money on expenses translates to a larger profit each quarter or at least more funds to invest right back into your growth. Either way, it’s a good thing.

And sure you can save some money by making your entire team share a single desktop or declaring your business to be a B.Y.O.O.S. (Bring your own office supplies) space, but we don’t see that going over too well with your team.

So, realistically, a place you could save money would be your choice of phone systems.

This is where making the switch to enterprise VoIP starts to make cents, see what we did there.

On average, a phone system with one of the big telecom companies will run your business anywhere from $50 to $80 per line for a no-frills system that simply allows people to call you.

That might not sound too bad at first but when comparing the price as well as the features to that of, say, Steady Connections’ small business package, it becomes pretty clear that you’re spending more to only receive less.

Which is obviously not a good business practice.

So by making the switch to VoIP, you receive so much more for way less.That brings us to the next reason…

Adaptive and Expansive Range of Features…

While analog phone systems are certainly acceptable for making phone calls, they begin to struggle when your business requires more than simply a number to call.

Once you start adding features such as call parking, find me/follow me, and untethered capabilities, you’ll quickly find that the pricing of the service becomes astronomically higher or that those features simply aren’t available with the service.

Of course, some businesses simply need a line to be reached and we understand that. But in today’s world of small business where niches become ever more crowded with competition, often, “just enough” is never enough to stay competitive.

And to be honest, why settle for something that is just “good enough” when you can have it all?

Very rarely in life will you find opportunities to get more while paying less, even more rare is the opportunity to get the things you actually need from that deal.

But as you’re probably starting to catch on to, VoIP does just that. It provides a full suite of features that can help your small business not only function in a day to day capacity but also grow.

To make the deal even sweeter, the best part of VoIP for small business is that the list of things you can do with your system continues to grow with each day.

The reason for that is simple.

As the focus has shifted away from traditional analog systems, technicians, geeks, and providers are instead devoting their time, as well resources, towards looking for new ways to improve VoIP as it offers more possibilities for expansion.

So the VoIP communication solution you have today may not be the same you have in six months. Instead, you’ll have a system that recognized an area of improvement and addressed that need by creating a feature to fill it.

The same can’t really be said for analog.

The Third Reason to Make the Switch to a More Complete Communication Solution…

Really? You need another reason beyond saving a bunch of money and receiving more features than you can shake a headset at?

Okay, well how about staying ahead of the curve, or at least maintaining pace with the early adopters?

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why beepers are not around anymore. Somethings just become outdated and replaced by things that do the job better.

Traditional analog phone systems are the beeper in this scenario. Sure, it could potentially work, much like a beeper could be your go-to method of staying in touch still, but there’s a much better solution available. One that is built for progress and the challenges of tomorrow.

So to avoid being the last person with a beeper, evolving with the times becomes necessary.

And much like making the switch to a modern cellphone from a beeper, making the switch to VoIP from traditional analog opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

So there you have it, if you’re ready to make the switch, we can help you create a tailored communication solution built to help your business grow.

Just give us a call or send us a message to start today!

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