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Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s talk about marketing for small business…

Whether we like it or not, marketing is simply an inherent part of operating a business, that much most people can all agree on.

Though, when we start exploring the various ways to bring your business before the vast majority of consumers, opinions begin to differ as everyone seems to have a different surefire way to increase visibility and, by extension, increase profits.

There are marketing gurus that sing the praises of influencers’ impact on sales while others will point to more tried and true methods, with both sides being correct in their own ways.

So rather than looking into what strategy you should follow, which wouldn’t be fair as every business requires a unique approach, let’s explore two things universally agreed upon that you shouldn’t do.

Jumping into the market without a clear plan forward…

This one should seem like a given but far too often businesses, of all sizes, run headlong into marketing without first devising a suitable plan.

Which, to be fair, is rather common and understandable.

Even large companies that employ tested marketing tactics struggle with creating a cohesive and well thought out strategy with clear milestones in place.

It happens, maybe as you’re busy running a business, things will fall to the wayside from time to time.  Or maybe the case is that up to this point, you’ve been able to get by with simply using tactics with some success.

Either way, without a clear plan set in place there will be a time in which the lack of focus begins to become detrimental to your bottom line.

But before you begin to stress about your strategy, or lack of, don’t worry, this is pretty easy to fix.

Just take some time to create a six month marketing strategy that takes into account the unique aspects of your business, your target audience, and the methods you’ll need to employ to reach them.

While this might sound easier said than done, it just takes having an honest look at what is necessary to get your name in front potential customers in the most effective manner.

That said, if you need a little help, the Australian government has your back with this handy marketing strategy template to get you started.

And if devising long-term marketing strategy is not quite your thing, you could always find a team to help you devise a strategy for you to follow.

The point here is simply having that clear path forward when you begin pushing your company into the spotlight.

Social Media Overload…

You’ve probably heard from somewhere that “the youth” are spending too much time on social media platforms.

But what you probably haven’t heard is that some companies are guilty of doing exactly that, spending too much time and resources on social media platforms, or at least too much on the wrong platforms.

It’s important to make that distinction, we’re not saying that an effective social media marketing push contains no social media at all, it just contains the right platforms only. To clarify again, some companies are putting their efforts where the yield does not match up with the effort.

This too is quite understandable. From a perspective of a business owner, it can be a bit difficult to immediately determine the best way of making social work for the company.

So what you have, instead, is business owners simply taking an all in approach to social media marketing. They’re on Facebook, they post to Instagram, they’re even adding funny Snaps to their profile everyday, and in the process wasting resources in places where their buying audience doesn’t congregate.

How do you avoid this?

Simply fine tune your approach to engaging with the world on social media.

Like creating a successful marketing plan, this takes a bit of identifying the unique demands of your business before developing a strategy. Luckily, the team at ThriveHive put together a great piece for finding the right social media platform, so if you need somewhere to start, that’s a great place to get going.

And there you have it…

Marketing can be difficult at times but if you avoid making these two mistakes you can be ahead of the curve and be closer to the whole purpose of spending resources on it, bringing in new business.

That said, if you’d like to learn a bit more about tips and tricks for streamlining your businesses or just need some inspiration for social media marketing in action, go ahead and stop by our Instagram page!

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